Logo Branding


LOGO BRANDING I work with clients to create and strengthen their brand by extending their message to target audiences. My branding services include three steps: brand creation, brand development, and brand activation. Brand creation includes research, mission statement development, and the creation of visual concepts such as logo design. My brand development process focuses [...]



Marketing Materials I work closely with all clients to determine what messages they want to deliver, who they want to reach, and which formats will be most effective on their marketing materials. I identify the driving forces behind the brand, the competitive differences that set it apart, and devise ways to effectively communicate these [...]

Product Design


Product Design I provide guides to the design process from beginning to end which conceptualizes, design, and execute a prototype for attention-grabbing packaging materials, using design elements such as shape, color, graphics, and typography to create packaging that is functional and appealing to customers. < BACK TO HOME PAGE

Website Development


Website Design & Development From front-end branding to back-end integration, I always provide interactive and new media communications that connect with your customers. I have a proven history of creating innovative websites that represent the capabilities and values of our clients through clear navigation and user-friendly features. Boasting a web design with creativity, with [...]

Custom Design


Custom Design I love to create any custom design that is eccentric and innovative that is a 1 of 1 which separates me from other designers. My custom creations are here to stand the test of time which is made to be the focal point and memorable. I specialize in Cover Art, Photo Compositing, [...]

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